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Reviewed by butterpear on Jun 12, 2017
Finding Heidi was pure and sweet serendipity. I was searching the internet for interesting and unique designs based on the unity safety pin movement. The moment I laid eyes upon Heidi's simple, yet finely detailed and crafted piece, I knew my search had ended. The pin/pendant is very well made of high quality silver and magically feels substantial yet delicate at the same time. This must be the effect of her 'Feminine and Fierce' artistic credo! I don't usually think of jewelry as having functional beauty, but Heidi's Unity Pin is a beautiful piece of art that functions as a symbol for what we need most in this world right, peace, unity, and non-judgment. I've worn my Unity necklace everyday since receiving it. It has garnered many compliments and created opportunities for open and honest discussions. Heidi treats her art and her customers with the greatest of care, and commitment.
Unity Handmade Safety Pin Necklace