3 Years Later: Still Gluten Dairy Soy and Egg Free . . . and Loving It!

Wow. Tuesday, May 31, 2016, will mark 3 years since I began my "new" food lifestyle. I still struggle with what to call it. I'm not just gluten free. While there are similarities, I am not exactly following a paleo lifestyle diet, either. I suppose I am basically on a low-inflammatory diet. Three years later I still do not eat gluten, dairy, or soy. I still avoid corn and peanuts. Every once in a great while I might have a roll that is made with egg whites. Or dip my french fries into a regular aoili or mayo-based sauce that has egg in it. It doesn't seem to hurt me in teensy tiny quantities like that at this point. But I do feel it if I go overboard and have those rolls several days in a row, or eat a lettuce-wrapped burger with a bit too much aoili on it. I still cannot eat an actual egg or egg white omelet, or anything with a significant amount of egg.

My kryptonite is sugar. Ohhhh, you know you are a bit too good at finding-things-you-can-eat when your hubby comes home with a box of ginger snap cookies that are gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. Mini custard-like tarts at the grocery store in that delicious persian lime flavor. Salted caramel 70% cacao bars that are actual free of all those vile poisons. Because then you EAT them. Eat them ALL. Like it might be your LAST. You hover over your sugary treat like Gollum clutching his "precious." Yessss. I have food-guarding issues. It's sad. I'm working on it.

But, the great news is that I am still in the clothes I was when I lost the original 54 lbs.

(Some of them would probably look a bit better if I would learn to share some of those ginger snaps!) I still hike the stairs of the parking garage at work every day (I've only missed 4 days since January when I was in a rush or injured), only now I park on the upper deck of the 10th level. So that's 22 flights of stairs at once. Plus the other flights I take throughout the day.

The best part is that I still FEEL great. Every once in a while I get side-swiped with gluten or dairy or soy that was hiding in something I ate at a restaurant or a conference buffet. Sneaky stuff makes me absolutely miserable!

I long for the day when people label food on buffets with simple placards that list the common allergens. Would it really be that hard to mark something like "contains gluten and dairy," or "contains soy and egg?" Then I wouldn't have to pass by silently with a sad pile of ungarnished greens on my plate, or find someone to ask. In the meantime, I try to keep nut bars I can eat in my purse so I always have something to tide me over.

I also dream of the day when people don't make snide comments or chide you because of your food "choices." Seriously. If it makes me ill, why do you feel the need to belittle me for not eating it or for being cautious? It has no bearing on you. I am not judging you when I pass on dessert. I just can't eat any of the desserts on the menu. Trust me, if I could, I probably would. And I wouldn't share, either!

So, anyway, I hope all who struggle will find what works for them. If my story helps anyone to see that persistence can be achieved and this lifestyle can be maintained even with a busy working-mom lifestyle, well . . . then that makes me happy. 

Cheers to year 4!



Cheers to you and year 3 completed!! You look fabulous!!
I just celebrated my first year gluten, dairy, egg, sugar, soy free. It's all thanks to your blog, as I saw your "year 2" post last year, and decided to try it for myself. I agree that it would be nice if foods out in the public were somehow noted with allergen info (or at least, ingredients). When in doubt, like you said, a salad is usually a safe bet.
I'm down 30 pounds, and feel great. It's only when I cheat and have too much sugar, or slip in some gluten or dairy that I don't feel great. The best part is that I'm in control. If I eat something I know will make me suffer, it's my choice. No one can tell me what to eat. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Congratulations to you!!!

Oh, Cynthia, you have absolutely made my day!! That is so fabulous that you were able to stick to it and it works for you -- and especially that you FEEL so much better. You are right. It absolutely is your choice and you are in control. It is such an awesome feeling when that "clicks." I'm so glad that my story inspired you to give it a go! Cheers to your year 2!!

Thank You

I apologize in advance for any typos, as I am on my IPad which tends to have its own language, at times! I have been following you for years...first for your gorgeous jewelry, Andalusia... your dietary choices as well. I have been a silent cheerleader!

I have never had any episodes with gluten/soy/dairy or eggs, that I am aware of. But, nearly a year ago, I began having chronic vertigo...the kind that sends me straight to bed. I have seen more doctors/specialists than I care to mention. I have undergone intense testing by cardiologists, neurologists, ear nose and throat specialists, rheumatologists, etc. The only definitive "answer" from the myriad of doctor's has been to blame my hypothyroid and associated Hashimoto Disease. Still, no "cure" for the daily vertigo.

Well, 10 days ago, I went gluten-free. After almost 1 full year of dizziness that sent me to bed, it is nearly gone. I know...only 10 days have passed. But, 10 days of being upright? It's like a new lease on life for me. I have you to thank for that!

Again, my journey has just begun. But, for the first time in a very long time, I am hopeful!

So, I thank you so much for sharing your journey! And a huge Congratulations to you, as well!

Wow - Patti - Fantastic!!

First off - my wholehearted apologies for somehow missing your comment until now!!

And sincerely - WOW! I am so thrilled you found some relief through something so seemingly simple as cutting the gluten out of your diet! Now that so much more time has past, I am hoping it is still working for you. Vertigo is awful even when only fleeting. I can't imagine a chronic vertigo and how very miserable that must be! Way to go, and I wish you the very best on your journey to better health!

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