Affirmation and Reclamation

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A friend and mentor recently described me as "an explorer and student of life experience . . . Always challenging herself in every aspect of her life . . . on a continual mission of creative evolvement."

The last few months or so have seen what may appear to be sudden transformative changes for me. But the 10 months or so prior were laiden with lengthy periods of intense introspection and observation. Foundations were being built, torn down, and rebuilt. Motivations contemplated. Charts and graphs consulted. Essentually, I've been trying to forge a new section of trail that will take me to that next level of creative and personal evolution. Soul searching is exhaustive work, and when you are recognized at your core like that, it is an unbelievably affirming thing.

The people in our lives spur us on in ways we can't anticipate. This year, three women acted like a series of powerful catalysts that suddenly activated a chain reaction of growth. How amazingly ironic and stunning is it that their names are Joy, Hope and Faith?! Such an exquisitely perfect elixer of magic. I am awed by the wonder of this crazy universe and the souls within that propell one another forward. Even the seemingly tiny gestures can have enormous impact. We lose nothing when lifting others . . . and yet gain everything.

In a time when changes and challenges at work came at me at warp speed, any sane person might think it would be time to cut back on extracurricular activities. Apparently, sane responses are not my thing. Being the hard-headed fool that I am, I doubled-down on the personal challenges -- both creatively in the studio and physically through martial arts. Guess what? It was exhilarating! I found reserves I forgot I had. I highly recommend it!

So, a toast -- A fond farewell to 2018. A year of affirmation and reclamation. And Cheers to 2019. May this be a year of accelerated growth for all of us. And may it be fueled by joy, hope and faith. 




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