Hindsight 2017

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It's that time of year again. When we look back on the past year and judge the distance traveled. I look back at my thoughts as the year began. I think, "How'd I do? Would I do it again?"

The Review Reel:

Marched in protests with my kids

  • Survived some truly scary moments
  • Took up karate
  • Worked in gold
  • Watched my kids blossom
  • Took in the San Francisco Pride Parade
  • Witnessed a Solar Eclipse
  • Hugged at a Concert
  • Passed my first belt test
  • Showed in my first art festival in many years
  • Bought from artists
  • Connected with my muse
  • Displayed as a featured artist in a museum gallery
  • Completed a year-long no-sweets sugar challenge
  • Set my first diamond
  • Stuck my neck out - a lot
  • Failed - a whole lot
  • Tried again
  • Gave of myself
  • Apologized
  • Let go

The Report Card:

It was a HARD year that tested my metal -- tested me to my very core. I was not graceful. I landed on my ass a lot. There were many long encounters with pain, fear, worry and doubt. I became well-aquainted with the slippery muddy walls at the bottom of that deep dark place.

I discovered that I am stronger than I knew. When I hit a wall, I took up something else I never imagined I could do. And I did it. When I thought I was spent . . . that I'd used up every crumb of resiliency I have . . . I found more to draw upon. It was there at the bottom of the well. Sometimes you have to fall before you know you can get up.

Namaste, 2017. I don't want a do-over. I definately don't want a repeat. We made it through. I learned. I grew. Thank-you.



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