The Journey

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Sometimes Facebook is like a time capsule. Someone comments on a post from years ago, and it pops up in your notifications today. The topic of this resurfaced post one was oddly in sync with the turmoil of life now. It is a reminder of what's important in life and how that central truth never changes.

By way of background, I was responding to a dear friend's post about her cancer returning and of the surgery she would soon be facing. On that thread, she and I each granted permission to share our portions (such as this) of the discussion because it resonated with so many others. Here was my comment:

You've been on my mind constantly. And seeing this post and knowing what you are facing just took my breath away. Unfathomable. 
I went on a hike in the mountains above my home today. It was hot and steep, and there were many sections of loose rock, or deep uneven sand, or tree roots to navigate. The top of the hike has a waterfall that is supposedly quite an amazing sight. But with three kids, there is always the chance that someone will not feel well enough or have enough energy to do the whole hike. It just so happens that although they've hiked this trail many times with my husband and made it to the top, they have never made it the few times I've been able to go along. Today was no exception.   We got 90% of the way there. Another 15 minutes and I would have finally seen the falls. Part of me was really disappointed by that. But I also was thinking of you during the hike. All these segments that seemed so overwhelming or impassable. And yet we'd make it through. And the views along the way were spectacular vistas, sparkling rapids, immense cliffs. The journey was arduous, but fiercely beautiful. And while I sat on a boulder next to the kiddo with a headache who couldn't go further, and while the rest of our group continued on a bit without us, she and I got to see a big marmot (like an otter) wander down the hillside and through the stream. We would have missed it if we hadn't been sitting there. 
I guess what I'm saying is that your journey and your willingness to live transparently and share it has truly been a concrete demonstration about how life really is the journey and what you get out of it is so much more important than the destination you originally had in mind. Few people ever have even a glimpse of the impact they have on this world. But your fierceness in the face of your own arduous journey is teaching so many others to open their eyes to the beauty of the journey. To see things they otherwise would miss. 
I hope that you are about done with the arduous sections of your trail, and that the rest of your journey is long and smooth and full of amazing views. Thank-you for living fiercely and transparently, and guiding us along the way.

Sadly, our dear friend did subcomb to her cancer after some time. But her journey was never diminished. And her spirit was indelibly imprinted onto our hearts forever. 

Peace and love on your journeys.



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