Struggle with the Juggle

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This was a post I wrote recently on FaceBook. Last week? Week before? I don't know. Life is rushing by so fast these days it is literally a blur at this point. It seems every day is at least somewhat manic. And then there are days when the mania is on overdrive. Does this sound familiar to you? I'm betting that you can relate:

Rushed home, rushed kid across town, rushed back and straightened house, met with notary on refi ... Now making dinner. After I get the kids in bed I have at least 3 more contracts to analyze and comment on before bed. I see an Americano before long!

So . . . what do you do when you are maxxed out on overdrive? You drop everything when  you hear one of your favorite metals instructors, Jessica Jordan Cote (Rosy Revolver), is coming to town and you coax your very best bud to fly from Hawaii to take a 3 day workshop with you! 

And you BREATHE. Exhale some creativity. And rejuvinate your soul.

Here's my fantastic friend, Kumi and I posing with a cute unicorn we found in a baby boutique as we shopped for a baby gift for Jessica. The unicorn is an inside joke that involves an auto-correct fail. You had to be there!

These are the pics from the weekend of artistic refreshment. I SOOOO needed it!! Amy Schmidt of Silverschmidt Studio in Holladay was a wonderful host for the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

And so this weekend? I'm making a whole bunch of these . . .

I hope you are keeping up with your own "struggle to juggle." Best of luck!!!



I can so relate Heidi! Just

I can so relate Heidi! Just last night someone at training described it as the rush years - that feels like a very appropriate description. I'm so happy to hear you had a great weekend, it's good to re-boot ;)

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