By rooting her contemporary design aesthetic in the soul of the ancient world, Heidi Kingman's jewelry designs echo the interconnectedness with those that came before us, those we walk alongside, and those that will come long after. Her collections reflect upon the different paths and points of our journeys. 

Throughout our life's journey, we find ourselves on different paths along the way. Some sections are well-worn and well-marked. Sometimes we strike out on our own and take the “my way highway” route. We pause from time to time, building trail markers and enjoying the scenic vistas that stretch out before us. And often, we find ourselves at a crossroads, seeking that little spark within to guide our spirit. But even as we are constantly moving forward, we bring along the wisdom and learning we’ve gathered along the way.

Using fine metals and select natural gemstones, Heidi maintains the integrity of the human touch by using time-honored hand-fabrication metalsmithing techniques. She creates each piece herself in her Utah-based studio.