Jewelry is an intimate art. As the pieces grow into my hands from the seeds in my mind, they naturally take on the concepts I'm pondering and the emotions I am processing -- sometimes conciously, but often at a more visceral level. They are born of a language that predates speech. When people communicated visually through sculpture and paintings, textiles and adornment.

When worn, they take on the layers and complexities of the personality they adorn. They convey those feelings forward as a sort of collaborative composition. That is the point when they are experienced as complete works of art.

So, the idea is to pick the pieces of art jewelry that speak to you on that internal plane. The ones that feel most in tune with you - it could be the colors, the textures, the form . . . you may not even be able to quite identify what it is that draws you. You just know it.

Select those pieces that spark your spirit. And collaborate with me.